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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The rumors fly - zombies coming to chew on my restorations?

New York's been fairly "lucky" so far as the zombie problem goes. Thus far, we've only been attacked by cranky super-albinos with fairly mighty incisors.

York Restoration Corporation Beaver

Luckily, the Prince of Bel-Air was here to save us! The Prince wears many hats, and ass-kicking, Doggie-loving, AR-16-wielding super-scientist is just one of those!

York Restoration Corporation Grr, Will Smith

So! Believe me when I say that I'm nervous about the prospects of a fresh zombie invasion from the UK, in the form of Danny Boyle's slightly misshapen head. Yes! 28 Months Later, long rumored, still rumored, but also much-hoped for, has yet again been rumored to be beginning!

Which means a fresh round of me worrying for my building restorations in New York City! Darn it all. And that sound track! So urgent, creepy, and ugh! I'd hate to have to listen to that over and over again as we the people of New York wait again for Will Smith to save us from British zombies with bad teeth, natch.

York Restoration Corporation 28 Months Later

Where will they invade next? One alleged casting director says either the UK or Australia, but you can never completely scratch New York City off any apocalyptic movie's list.

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