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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

York Restoration Corporation's been warned: more New York destruction is on the way

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Looks like we'll be staring down JJ Abram's shaky-cam monster once again, thanks to a title tentatively titled "Cloverfield 2: Hipster Kids Still Inexplicably Own Park-View Columbus Circle Apartments on the 56th Floor of a Brand New Building."

That greasy, slimy, octo-limbed thing tore the hell out of my most recent york restorations. Corporations will need to be brought in to make sure this thing doesn't get too out of hand.

I mean, what's the deal - I thought we took care of both the annoying trustfund kids AND the monster with that nuke at the end. Was it all for naught? Did we drop the big one on the world's best city, and then rebuild it in the space of a few days, all to let this jerk who can't compose a cogent narrative (even with the space and time 6 seasons' worth of storytelling allows) send another monster kicking and birthing other little annoying monsters who cause spontaneous subconjuctival hemorrhages (and other nastiness, like killing off the sole interesting character) through our city?

I say no!

Go away, JJ. We don't want your stringy version of sci-fi dropping elephant-sized deuces all over Central Park again. Thanks.

This post brought to you by York Restoration Corporation

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