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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bruce Willis needs to help me restore the Chrysler Building

He did a piss-poor job of stopping the meteors from destroying the top-half of the darn thing. I doubt Mr. Willis even considered the amount of time, energy and sweat that went into restoring the natural beauty of the Chrysler Building the last time something beat the heck out of it.

If he did, and still didn't care enough to keep an 8-ton space rock from hitting it? Well, me and Bruce are going to have words.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zombies visit; yet more building restoration

Will Smith saved us from the zombie apocalypse, but guess who has to clean up after him? That's right, yours truly, the building restoration master. I didn't expect zombies to be polite about destroying my beautiful city, but I would've hoped they'd at least left the roofs alone. That's hard work, restoring a roof of a big ol' building.

Thanks for saving the world and all, Will, but next time, make the zombies allergic to knocking down buildings. Thanks.

This entry brought to you by York Restoration Corporation