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Thursday, March 5, 2009

When worlds collide... building restoration is needed

About 50 years ago, a rogue planet collided with Earth. Strangely enough, we survived as a species, but poor New York City, for some reason, was flooded with water. This was when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, barely able to swing a hammer to help my dad restore Chomper's dog house. That was a fine, early step in my long journey towards becoming the world's best building restoration expert.

Anyway, I remember we were in the backyard of my dad's house out in Queens when the klaxon went off. It was the first time I can remember my pa being called into the line of duty. "Well, son," he said. "Looks like your old man is gonna have to go put the big city back in order again."

And off he went. He's my inspiration, the reason I get up every day. I keep restoring Manhattan's buildings with the dream that I, someday, could be considered to be as great a building restoration expert as he.

Love ya, old man.

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