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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Someone call me, or get on the line with York Restoration! A Queens landmark needs help!

There’s a landmark building out in Queens that’s in desperate need of an expert building restoration contractor. It’s literally falling in on itself, with walls bowing in and out, visible holes in the ceiling. It’s to the point where the city bureaucracy is actually suing the owner to get the work done. Insane.

Anyway, there’s a time to send up the white flag and call in experts. For a project like this, call in the experts! I'm here, but I'm pretty busy working on resetting Manhattan from a series of B-level zombie attacks. I suggest, in my place, you call in York Restoration Corporation.

York Restoration Corporation is a restoration company in Maspeth, New York City. In Queens! They’re experts in restoring the outside of the building, ass the brick, concrete, fiberglass, stone – all the structural stuff that’s often the most difficult to make perfect. Seals, windows, seams, too. Anything that might let in a little water, or out a little heat. York’s also the contractor of choice when your home needs a little sprucing-up, or when a DIY project spirals out of control. They handle upkeep and maintenance, as well.

Whoever ends up doing the work, it needs to get done. Fast. When an historic building – a landmark building whose continued existence in a city renowned for its tear-down-and-build-anew policy – is allowed to degrade to the point where it’s considered a neighborhood hazard, something or someone needs to change.

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