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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Devil-kin and Monsters Creating More Building Restoration Work

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This big green thing is about to make a whole bunch of building restoration work for me!

Well then, guess what time it is? Looks to me like it's New York restoration time! Buildings, bridges, streets, utilities - all looking like they'll need restoration experts like myself trooping in to clean up after another monster/alien/devil-kin/explosion.

Another explosion. Sigh

Ah well, at least I have regular work, right? Can't complain too much. It's just - it's painful to see your hard work torn down time after time, day after day. New York restoration is often a thankless job, or else why would they continuously tear down my efforts? It's enough to make a building restoration expert like myself question his dedication.

And get this - now even video games are starting to blow up New York. Really?!? Seriously? Come on, guys - give New York restoration a break, please.

Sigh. Until that day, I'll be over here, quietly cleaning up the city.

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