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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Godzilla hates York Restoration Corporation

It's true: Godzilla's a big jerk.

Poor guy's already had a crappy day. He works in an office in Manhattan! He's stressed out, his workplace probably just got reorganized, and now Godzilla has the guff to not only steal his cab, but also crush the poor office worker? C'mon.

Office guy works in Queens. He's tired of his suck-up boss brown nosing the CEO. He's got a mortgage and kids and a 401K. Geez, Godzilla, give him a break.

York Restoration worked along side me to fix Godzilla's handiwork. For our troubles, Godzilla signed our email accounts up for spam and tried to put our apartments on the market, flooding our phones with duped apartment-seekers making offers. It was absolute heck to get our lives put back together after Godzilla's nasty pranks!

Next time, Godzilla, get someone besides Roland Emerich and Matthew Broderick to give you "pranking" advice. That stuff was over the line, pal.

This post brought to you by York Restoration Corporation