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Monday, April 12, 2010

George York's Restoration Company Saves My Queens Restoration!

Restoration York Corporation: Building Restoration NYC York

Queens, NYC -

George York restoration company, founder and CEO of York Restoration Corporation, made me a happy building restoration expert yesterday. He restored one of my previous restorations! They have a pretty good construction/york restoration blog, too.

This was after one alien invasion or another, sometime around 1996. It may've been the Independence Day invasion with Will Smith. I can't quite recall. Anyway, so I successfully restored this 16-story building about twenty years ago, and it was doing fairly poorly in the interim. I believe the building's owner fell on hard times, and the building suffered because of it.

Ownership changed hands, and suddenly the building was flush with cash! I wasn't able to handle the restoration, what with restoring the rest of New York City after a Super-shark attack ruined much of the financial district (thanks, B-movies), so I passed the business along to George York.

I'm proud to say that the building's looking great and is back to its original shape. Maybe even better.

Cheers, and I bet the people around the building in Queens are very happy as well.

Brought to you by York Restoration Corporation!

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